Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lesser-known Historical Grammars of Latin II

Dr. Vasyl' Stetsjuk (AKA Dr. Basil W. Steciuk) was a Ukranian expat scholar, who apparently live in the New York City area. He was the author of a pamphlet on Greek Borrowings in Ukranian and on the Ukranian national poet Taras Shevchenko. The book whose title page appears to the left, Istorychna hramatyka latynskoï movy (Historical Grammar of Latin), was published by the Ukranian Free University (Munich/New York) in 1953, and appears to be Stetsjuk's magnum opus. I can't pretend to be able to read this book, but from my inspection this seems to be a detailed and serious work. The volume I have before me (Vol. 2 on morphology) is almost 600 pages and includes unusual sections on derivational morphology. There is very little IE stuff which is probably a good thing.

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