Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will the typos never cease II?

More corrections from Gregory Mellen:

On pg. 521 in the chart for 2nd person singular pronouns V. A. 2, the Italian reflex of Latin te, used as the stressed form of the pronoun, should be te, not ti.

On pg. 525–7 I have been inconsistent in my treatment of the stage of Italian represented in the tables. On pg. 525 I give under the label OITAL. the Old Italian forms of canto with reference to the modern standard forms in the alphabetical footnotes to the table.  But on pg. 526 I give the modern standard Italian forms under the label OITAL. with reference to Old Italian forms in the footnotes. The simplest correction would be to simply relabel this column as Italian.

On pg. 522 fn. 35, discussing the distribution of the lo form of the masculine definite article I say it occurs—among other places—before ʃC, but that is wrong.  lo occurs before ʃ,  as in lo sciopero, and ʃ does not combine with any other consonant in Italian.

On pg. 546 in the Bibliography, under Guastella, read  "La voce delle dita" for "La voce della dita".

Thanks,  Gregory.  Keep, dear readers, the corrections coming!

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