Saturday, April 10, 2010

Intereā etc.

On pg. 354 E in discussing the adverbial forms in -ā like inter-eā ‘meanwhileI suggest that these forms are most probably old feminine instrumental ablatives, but I failed to mention another attractive possibility proposed by J-L García Ramón that these forms are old feminine instrumentals < *-eh2(e)h1.  If that is correct then these would constitute an addition case of the retention of final -ā in Latin.

García Ramón, José Luis, 1997. Adverbios de dirección e instrumental indoeuropeo. In E. Crespo and J. L.García Ramón eds., Berthold Delbrück y la sintaxis indoeuropea hoy, Madrid/Wiesbaden:Reichert, 113-141.

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