Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Misleading Typo

On pg. 60 I quote the form STATIA for gen. sg. stātiās from a 3rd–2nd century BCE inscription from Rome as an example of the omission of final -s in Old Latin.  This form is said to come from  CIL 12.480, but that's wrong it comes from CIL 12.480, i.e. the second edition of vol. 1 of CIL not from CIL 12 which covers Gallia Narbonensis.     There may be other places where the 2 failed to get superscripted. 

Update: Yes, there is another place: pg. 60 n. 51 last line: For "CIL 12.592.2" read "CIL 12.592.2"

I will have more to say about the treatment of final -s in a future post.  

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