Friday, February 5, 2010

Lesser-known Historical Grammars of Latin IX

A Görög és Latin Nyelv Hang- és Alaktana (I think that translates as Phonology and Morphology of the Greek and Latin Languages) was published in Budapest in 1932 by János Szidarovszky.  It is owned by exactly one library in the States, Columbia.  I haven't been able to discover anything about the author yet except that János Harmatta published an obituary of him in Antik Tanulmányok, 1954. I also can't say anything about the quality of this work except that the author certainly seems to have been au courant with the latest in IE scholarship to judge from the works cited. But I can say I've held it in my hands and leafed though it. Is this the sole historical grammar of Greek and/or Latin written in Hungarian?


  1. Certainly not. There's for example the brand new "A latin nyelv története" (The History of
    Latin) by Béla Adamik (link) and I'm sure there are a few more older ones.

  2. Before Adamik's work Hungarian universities used a booklet by Imre Tegyey and József Vekerdi (a Mycenologist and an Indologist, resp.), "A latin nyelv története" ("History of the Latin Language"), first edition in 1968. At that time it reflected the contemporary scholarship.

    PS. Congratulations for the blog (and actually for the idea of this blog as well), I've just discovered it.