Friday, March 26, 2010

Melchert Corrigenda XI

On pg. 335 I wrote "Hittite evidence has been taken to suggest that the *so-/*to- pronoun originates in the combination of a sentence initial particle *su and a sentence-initial particle *to with an anaphoric pronoun stem *(h1)o-." But this is unlikely since, to quote a communication of Craig Melchert's, "šu has now been shown to correlate with past tense and ta with present-future. And the latter is with Rieken, MSS 59 (1999) 85-86, likely to be *toh1, an instrumental to the anaphoric stem. In any case, the Luvian “particle” *-sod attached to neuter nom.-acc. singulars shows that Anatolian had *so- as well as *to- as a
deictic/anaphoric stem. NB also dat. sg. enclitic *-soi. The peculiar suppletion in the *so-/to- paradigm is likely to be very ancient. Anatolian shows no trace of it because it almostentirely eliminated that entire pronoun in favor of *obho/i-."

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