Friday, March 26, 2010

Melchert Corrigenda IX

On pg. 310–1 I endorse the claim of Jasanoff that  animate n-stems retained their n in the nominative singular  after ē in hysterokinetics but lost their final -n after ō, chiefly in amphikinetics.  However, the Hittite evidence does not support this view.  If Hittite MUNUS-anza 'woman' is to be read /kwanza/  reflecting a root noun *gwōns, that would suggest survival of n and recharacterization with s.  On the other hand if Hitt. aliyaš 'deer' reflects an n-stem nominative *h1olē+s. Of course, these facts do not settle the question of  the true distribution of n-ful and n-less nominatives. 

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