Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Etruscan putlumza

On p. 164, n. 28 and p. 470 I cautiously mention the possibility that Etr. putlum-za 'little vessel' may be borrowed from *pōtlom, the ancestor of Lat. pōc(u)lum. This view is now argued for by Jean Hadas-Lebel. 2009. L'œnochoé putlumza: un pocolom étrusque? In Frédérique Biville and Isabelle Boehm, eds., Autour de Michel Lejeune. Paris: Boccard, 273–285. The author also places the Etruscan oenochoe in the cultural context of the well-known Latin pocula deorum.

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  1. All this hypothesis from a tiny and obscure two-hapax inscription (ET Ta 2.31) whose meaning is evidently too fragmentary to give these indulgent interpretations any scholarly merit.