Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Corrigenda varia

pg. 201, ln. 6 Correct the Serbo-Croatian vocative of 'woman' from žȅna to žȅno.

pg. 211 The content of note (l) about the origin of the Lith. instr. sg. - should be moved to note (j)

pg. 249  In the chart of PIE endings for the u-stems beside the lengthened grade endingless locative in
*-ēu (or *-ēu̯ as I probably should have written it) add the ending-ful locative *-eu̯-i.

In the index on pg. 633 under the heading pius ~ purus rule add 142 and change 198 to 191.

Thanks to Thomas Olander and Ben Forston for pointing out these mistakes.

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