Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ex Anatolia Lux!

I'd like to take the opportunity to announce the publication of Ex Anatolia Lux: Anatolian and Indo-European studies in honor of H. Craig Melchert. Ann Arbor: Beech Stave Press of which I was one of the four editors (the others being my esteemed colleagues Ron Kim, Elisabeth Rieken, and Norbert Oettinger). The volume was presented at the recent UCLA meeting of the Indogermanische Fachtagung on the Indo-European Verb.  I'm happy to say that the volume was (apparently) a complete surprise to the honorand! Most articles are naturally Anatolo-centric, but Olav Hackstein's "Latenisch omnis" (pp. 75–84) takes the etymology of omnis from *opnis <— op- 'abundance' (mentioned in passing at OHCGL, p. 140) from possible to very probable. Incidentally, a cognate of omnis appears in the Venetic Tavola da Este in the phrase to ommni opedon. I also have an article about an Italic subject: "Two Sabellic Praenomina" (pp. 363–374).


  1. As fascinating and valuable as this sounds, something tells me that it's out of my price range...
    Hopefully U of Toronto will buy a copy.

  2. I think it's 75 $ (list price 110$), but probably it's a library purchase.